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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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be police arrest the suspect in the shooting of six people. starting in maryland and ending in delaware. >> very sad day. we came to a successful conclusion >> police say it was the push's help that led them to the suspect. 37-year-old radee labeeb prince in newark delaware. i'm ukee washington >> i'm nicole brewer, jessica dean is on assignment. now, prince is accused of shooting a total of six people in a maryland office park an delaware car lot. alexandria hoff spoke to a man who was once a neighbor of prince, we begin with david spunt outside wilmington police. david? >> reporter: authorities say this man is desperate and dangerous and now he is behind bars in this building behind me in wilmington, waiting to see a judge in the morning. he woke up this morning with 15 felonies before today's shooting rampage. eyewitness was there when
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authorities took 37-year-old radee prince into custody. >> i thank everybody for their efforts on a sad day, we came to a successful conclusion. >> reporter: we were also on scene when authorities brought the alleged killer back to police headquarters. prince may be in custody but three are dead and three fighting for their lives. wilmington police say prince pulled a trigger in hartford county maryland in the morning killing three and wounding two at advance granite solutions where he worked. authorities say driving a black gm carcadia made his way north to wilmington where he shot a sixth personal, police found his car shortly before 6:00 wednesday thanks to tips he was in custody about an hour later. authorities say he was walking near glasgow high school but he didn't make it on school property. these three atf ages took him down >> he's already three people. shot six altogether. >> chief tracy is that firearm
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was responsible for the shootings. tracy discussed prince's 15 felony convictions and admits it's troubling the man was walking the streets in the first place. >> we're moving towards focus group violence intervention and that's going to be coming i'm here five months there's thing we can do to reduce violence, we'll give individuals who will give them options not choices they will need to put the guns down. >> reporter: police say these were targeted shootings. he knew the victims in this case. the six victims but in the end, it doesn't matter because in the end it's a tragedy people fighting for their lives, family devastated. at some point i'm told he will be expedited to face murder charges. reporting live in wilmington, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." who is prince? we're getting a first hand account from someone who says he knew him very well.
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alexandria hoff joins from his our satellite center. alex >> it is rare to get such insight on a suspect so early on. but tonight, we spoke with prince's former next door neighbor. who says that prince often opened up to him during late night conversations. he liked to talk about the eagles, his own craftsman ship and enjoyed an evening beer. the shooting suspect radee prince is described as his former next door neighbor robert hoft >> i picture him and i sitting there talking 2:00 in the morning, about life and this and that. >> reporter: he told "eyewitness news" that he lived next door to radee several years on a quiet block in elkton maryland. he moved off of the street one year ago. >> i look at the tv. i was like, oh, man. >> reporter: he had caught wind of the deadly workplace rampage
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in he did wood maryland and at first had trouble picturing such violence getting from a man that he got to know well. often around a fire pit >> talking to him every other day, once a week. >> he said prince lived with a woman perhaps his wife >> everything did he was pretty much in the middle of the night >> includes loud argument >> a lot of times i'd hear screaming and hollering and punching walls >> he said he never spoke of weapons or past arrests and was vocal about turning his life around >> he said he made mistakes and trying to be quiet and trying to work and do the right thing in live. hots said he didn't know aspirins to have any children and that he all never had visitors. reporting live in the stat center, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thanks. chopper 3 over the west oak lane section of philadelphia tonight. scene of a deadly shooting.
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police say a 17-year-old was shot in the head in the 6700 block of north 16th street. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. so far, no arrests. a pennsylvania judge rejected jerry sandusky's request for a new trial on child sexual abuse charges. in the 60 page ruling the judge upheld his 2012 conviction saying the claims lacked merit. former penn state assistant football coach argued he did not get adequate representation during the trial. sandusky is behind bars serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. he has 30 days to appeal the decision to superior court outrage gross of high school students positive posing behind pumpkins. this is the picture that made the round on social media. a swastika and the letters kkk were carved in two of the pumpkins, district said student in the photo may face disciplinary action, even though it appears to have been taken outside of school hours and not
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on school property. >> this will not define us. because the school district will stand together in unity against any type of racism or racial insensitive city >> the district referred the matter to police to investigate. the district attorney's is not investigating saying it's up to the school district to decide disciplinary action. sparks flew as the new jersey gubernatorial candidates held their second and final debate at william patterson university. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean was one of the moderators who pressed both candidates for their plans. >> you had the back of hedge >> the question was >> you had the -- >> there was testy changes wednesday between republican kim guadano and after that phil murphy >> a former sheriff and prosecutor said she supports detaining undocumented
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immigrants suspected of violent crimes, in contrast, murphy said he would make new jersey a sanctuary state >> would you do that knowing that new jersey is then at risk of losing millions in federal aid >> we'll probably be in court every single day instead of steel backbone and fighting for every dollar >> a sanctuary state will harbor criminals, impact and challenge law enforcement officers and as you said already, it will put at risk millions of dollars of funding. >> reporter: murphy would not say whether he would renew a 2% cap on raises for police and firefighter unions? you will not go on the record to say >> i will not. i want to see the facts >> he wants to dodge the answer. he has been endorsed by virtually every public sector union in the state. they won't want it >> william patterson student asked about student loans, murphy suggested a public bank
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and loan forgive ness. >> there's no one magic bullet. we stand for free community college >> my opponent says whether you can afford it or not, you get a free college education. look around this room, everyone in new jersey will pay for it >> the state's public worker pension system which is the most under funded in the nation. >> it's going to cost $5 billion in pension payment another $10 billion in healthcare payments. no plan whatsoever to fully fund that pension >> murphy said he wants to end tax breaks the wealthy have enjoyed >> if you're a big corporation a hedge fund time of your life >> election day is tuesday, november 7. if you missed the debate. go do or go to a facebook page. at william patterson university, jessica dean cbs3 "eyewitness news." president trump is dealing with another controversy. this one over a phone call he made to the widow of a green a
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beret filled in west africa. staff sergeant widow took the call on the way to the airport to receive her husband's body. she grieved over his casket as it arrived. congress woman said she was in the car with the johnson's widow when she got the call. >> he never said the words, he said to the wife, well, i guess he knew what he was getting into. how insensitive can you be? >> didn't say what the congress woman said, didn't say it at all. she knows it >> president trump sparked controversy when he claimed past presidents did not make calls to gold star families. the nfl draft will not be returning to philadelphia. >> instead, the event is headed to dallas. the 2018 draft will be held in at&t stadium where the cowboys play. 2017 draft here in philadelphia was the first to be held outdoors and set attendance
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records. they made a strong but they wanted to continue the events in dallas >> the city of philadelphia the greatest city in america and obviously we were the best host when we held nfl draft and we did a great fantastic job. we missed out this year. but my encouragement will be to the administration let's try it again >> the nfl and the philadelphia visitors bureau estimate last year's draft had a $95 million economic impact. so this is also a big financial loss for the city. >> we'll get it again. >> here's hoping. it's a story of survival >> a life transformed and a come back that inspires. the new cover the men's health magazine revealed the new guy. survived a struggle that nearly killed him to be the picture of health, i'm stefanie stahl with the cover's guy remarkable transformation next texting versus talking. what it means for the days of
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face-to-face conversation. chelsea >> i'm tracking warmer temperatures along with more sunshine, i'll let you know how long it sticks around in your forecast coming up. a new edition to a popular recreation area in philadelphia. how it's aimed at making people safer. when "eyewitness news" comes right back.
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. a life transformed from a drug addict at death's door to the cover of a popular fitness magazine. stefanie stahl has more on the remarkable turn around. >> reporter: meet 30-year-old michael dubree, the new cover guy on men's health magazine. yes, he's ripped and his training routine is intenses at the least. he's the picture of health now, a remarkable transformation from his days as a homeless drug addict >> i started using drugs at the
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age of 13. >> he was quickly addicted to meth and lost for year, close to death many times. until he decided to turn his life around. >> getting sober was definitely the hardest thing i've ever had to do >> the gym became his healthy new addiction >> in the only did it help me to build up my self esteem. it helped to take up some extra time. >> reporter: he tried out for what the magazine calls its multi-ultimate guide cover >> i never thought in a million years i would be on the cover. >> reporter: we talked to michael on skype for men's health headquarters in pa. >> we're hoping this is the beginning of something that can go on. >> reporter: he was chosen from 1,000 submissions not just the looks but story of survival >> the country is in the grips of an opioid epidemic. we wanted a show that there is a way forward that people like michael can come back from this. >> reporter: editor in chief
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matt said there's surprisingly a lot of guys built like michael >> i think his personality comes through. >> reporter: his inspirational story was the clinton cherry. >> he lived an incredible life in ways both amazing and also very tragic. >> reporter: the salvation michael found in the gym has taken him to national acclaim. >> trying to is the big part of my life. it is my life. >> reporter: it's not all about working out. michael says diet is just as important. every day starts with 12 egg whites followed by five meals of exactly six announces of chicken, eight brussel sprouts and 17 almonds, talk about discipline. stefanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> that's a come back. security cameras are going up in a section of on the schuylkill river trail, near the local street entrance to the trail as the first of 21 cameras was put into position. the crawls will cover eight entrances from arch street to
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just north of the south street bridge. officials hope they will help deter crime while also aiding in any investigations technology evolves so too does communication. >> in the age of texting it's safe to say a lot of people gotten away from face-to-face conversation. and apparently that's the way some like it >> when it comes to correspondence what's the best way to reach you >> text messages, teching >> someone called you? the answer >> typically, no. >> research confirm what many already know, seven out of 10 young adults preview teching over talking in person. >> if you're in the middle of doing something else >> kind of gives you the freedom to respond when you can >> people don't like talking to other people anymore >> the survey included 4,000 people ages 18 to 34, found smart phones were an extension of themselves 70% within arm's reach of their device >> i have to admit it's on my
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night stand >> up in the middle of the night over half checked their phones >> something that we're, programmed to do. wake up check your phone see what time it is >> 52% said they'd rather forget their wallets than phone >> and the majority, 66% thought the device with them to the toilet >> you can admit the it. refuse to having it with us all the time >> hundred %, let's be honest. >> i'm hope they're watching it. after the results to have the study, what they considered the most valuable form of communication and most said a phone call or a handwritten letter meant more to them than say a text or e-mail or message on social media >> i'm an eye to eye guy, handshake, a hug. >> it goes a long way >> but it is convenient to text >> nowadays if you don't at least send a text, it's kind of
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like all right, it's >> you got to text. >> that's right. >> i just got a text and it says tons of sun >> we got a lot of sunshine on tap for us as we head to the next several days and also even warmer temperatures, believe it or not we'll be on the way especially by the weekend. let's take you right now to a live look at our live neighborhood network, you're looking at a beautiful center city, stunning look out there. and we have a nice evening, cool overnight. but not quite as cold as it has been, the finish high temperature in philadelphia, 72. so yeah, a little bit above average for this time of year and also warmer than yesterday. average high this time is around 66. we'll show you a look now at some temperatures across the region. we have a lot of numbers that are checking in little bit on the cool side of things, 58
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right now in philadelphia. 50 in millville, down the shore, we're in the mid 50's, pay attention to this wind direction coming in out of the south. so we're starting to filter in more of that warmer air, that's why today is actually warmer chair compared to yesterday. even right now, we are warmer than just 24 hours ago, anywhere from about 4 degrees warmer in mount pocono to a full 13 degrees warmer in atlantic city, ten degrees warmer in reading, six degrees warmer in philadelphia. so it's not going to be as cold as it had been the past couple of nights. cool night though. high pressure has been controlling you can see that because there's hardly anything showing up here on stormscan 3. no rain in sight for us, at least for the next several days. and things might change as we start out next week. we'll talk more about that but high pressure is really the name of the game. going to keep us calm. dry. sunny as well dry conditions prevail through the week into
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the weekend and temperatures could be ten maybe 11 degrees above average for this time of year. so sneak peak at your weekend forecast. 75 degrees on saturday. 76 on sunday. again, tons of sunshine be great weather for any of those fall activities going to the pumpkin patch maybe in the morning. 52 for the overnight low temp. tons of sunshine from the shore to the poconos, cool morning, maybe a jacket at the bus stop, by the afternoon, feeling good. high of 73 in philadelphia. 70 at the shore, 67 really nice hiking weather in the poconos. here's a check at your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast looks like this, 73 on friday. a sunny and warm as we head to saturday with a high of 75. 76 degrees for sunday. believe it or not, it might actually be kind of a nice weekend to go down the shore. i know. it's crazy saying that october 18th it's hard to believe i'm saying that, 77 monday, we'll
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see increasing clouds ahead of our next storm system that brings us rain hoping that that holds off until after the game. >> monday night football. >> that's right. >> a lot of sun. >> yes. >> not a lot of football. >> you were thinking monday football but basketball reigning stream, jo jo and ben and markel, new beginning for the sixers, highlights from the opener in washington next
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jared last playing nba game in 2016. joel embiid january, robert covington march, ben simmons and markel fultz never. our first look at the process this season. the sixers opening their campaign in washington, ben
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simmons finally making the debut. simmons, first quarter, going to the heavy rain using the right hand be remember he's a lefty, ten boards and five assists. a first overall pick markel fultz making the debut. if first you don't succeed try and again and he does, finished ten points in his debut and what about jo jo. joel embiid, thought to have restriction between 16 and 20 for the game. but he had 27 minutes on night. 18 points and 13 boards. but the star of the game was robert covington, here we are in the fourth, seven three in the game, 29 points but the sixers falling on the road, 120-115 be they play the celtics friday in the home opener. that will be ridiculous. stop me if you heard this before, the eagles next game is huge. cut it out. every week it's the same story,
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but a different opponent. that's what happens when you have playoff inspirations. the five and one eagles hosting division rival washington monday, here's what the guys have to say >> pretty much the it's right now that's how we have to approach it going to the games. big stage monday night, it's we have like the going to treat it like the championship game, >> i think it's huge, i'm not going to go that far, i think it's a big, big game. it's i think in terms of the nfc east, you can look at it, game number seven for us >> sometimes phillies taking a pick on the wrong dude, flyers and panthers, the orange and black, michael haley take run, provorov but wayne simmons you don't want none of the wayne train. down he goes. goes to work for one of his team
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mates, he also left the game talking about simmons with a lower body injury, flyers win five to one be host tomorrow night. voting is over. the game of the week for friday football, you voted to see springfield at gun valley. we will see friday night >> that was brutal, the flyers >> speak up for your guys. >> ok. >> first lady milania trump
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. team up once again in the fight against breast cancer and turning the area pink. jefferson health and cherry hill hospital, october is national breast cancer awareness month the lights are a reminder to schedule a ma'am a gram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer >> the franklin institute also displaying pink lights. this is the 16th year for the lights for the cure campaign. and you can find more information at milania trump is donating a peace of history >> giving the gown to the smithsonian. the i've regown has a slit in the skirt an ruffle except of the first lady will take part in
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cbs presented by target.... urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future.
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and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> more than 1,000 protesting at trump tower. >> a massive protest at trump tower, another scheduled saturday. >> more protests in this country. this is new york outside trump tower. >> okay, calm down, there's been some confusion and i want to clear things up. if you are protesting president trump's revoking of daca, that is now happening at trump place on riverside drive. the transgender military ban protest is at trump international hotel and tower on central park west. and the trump anti-nazi protest is at the trump world tower at united nations plaza. oh, and i almost forgot, the trump russia collusion protest


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